Hello everyone.  I am so happy to say that we have raised exactly $800,06 this year at Kids “4” Kids!  This is over 3 times as much as last year.   Thanks to all who stopped by and made a donation.  And to all my friend and family generosity.   I would like to make a huge shout out to my grandparents Joan and Connell O’Brien and most of all my wonderful parents Kristin and Mike Dolan.  Thanks so much I could have never done it without you. From providing a space to keep all the toys to supporting my dreams! Thank you all!!  And remember to help one at time and we will all be as luck as us.

“No donation is to small or ever goes to waist”

Jump rope for heart

Hi everybody my school does this thing called jump rope for heart or hoops for heart that many of you will recall but if not I will explain it.  Every year (this is our tenth year) we will on or near Valentine’s day we will jump rope.  Towards the end of January we will start collecting money.  I want to colect as much money as I can so people with not Healy hearts can one day (soon) be as active and healthy as us.  So of any body would like to donate please fill out the contact form and I will reply as soon as possible.


I am going to be collecting toys, books, money, and stuffed animals for those young kids in CHOP hospital who are suffering.  We are going to try to bring them out to the real world not in a hospital bed for the last little bit of there life.  They are just like us they don’t deserve to be in that position of life, so please help me help them.  If you world like to help fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.